ruote log_2010-08-25

2010-08-25 14:37:56 utc jmettraux gmcinnes: hello, what's frustrating ?
2010-08-25 14:42:11 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: oh. hey. good to see you.
2010-08-25 14:42:23 utc jmettraux I can't see you ;-)
2010-08-25 14:42:44 utc gmcinnes Good job. I'd have to put on trousers :)
2010-08-25 14:42:51 utc jmettraux lol
2010-08-25 14:43:05 utc gmcinnes I was working on upgrading to 2.1 from the 1.9 series. Driving me a bit nuts.
2010-08-25 14:43:33 utc jmettraux aaah
2010-08-25 14:43:56 utc gmcinnes I think I have most of the kinks fixed.
2010-08-25 14:44:03 utc jmettraux fixr is in the same situation as you
2010-08-25 14:44:25 utc fixr indeed, I was about to comment on that ;)
2010-08-25 14:44:27 utc jmettraux great
2010-08-25 14:44:37 utc jmettraux great on most of the kinks fixed
2010-08-25 14:44:42 utc jmettraux fixr: hello !
2010-08-25 14:45:02 utc gmcinnes But two concerns remain: a) there seems to be a bug in the Decision Participant.... It's complaining I'm not passing the :table option
2010-08-25 14:45:04 utc fixr I'm still learning, but have come a long way already. If I can help, I will!
2010-08-25 14:45:18 utc fixr jmettraux: hi!
2010-08-25 14:45:20 utc gmcinnes And b) The performance seems to be a good bit worse. Is that expected?
2010-08-25 14:45:27 utc fixr jmettraux: btw, quick question before you leave :). Have you had the chance to test ruote-dm on edge?
2010-08-25 14:45:49 utc jmettraux a) maybe you could post on the mailing list the details and symptoms of the issue
2010-08-25 14:46:00 utc jmettraux b) what storage are you using ?
2010-08-25 14:46:14 utc jmettraux fixr: ruote-dm seems mostly to work on edge
2010-08-25 14:46:48 utc jmettraux but I'm working on ruote-redis right now, if you encounter issues, please post them on the mailing and I can test ruote-dm about it tomorrow
2010-08-25 14:47:50 utc fixr will do. That's part of why I'm asking, maybe I can test it a little bit
2010-08-25 14:48:07 utc jmettraux that'd be great
2010-08-25 14:48:18 utc jmettraux so that I/we can release sooner
2010-08-25 14:48:38 utc fixr gmcinnes: what storage are you using?
2010-08-25 14:48:59 utc gmcinnes Was getting around to posting. Other projects keep interfering :) FsStorage is the goal, but I was having problems with that so switched to HashParticipant
2010-08-25 14:49:04 utc gmcinnes HashStorage sorry.
2010-08-25 14:49:09 utc jmettraux whoah
2010-08-25 14:49:16 utc jmettraux FsStorage is fast
2010-08-25 14:49:38 utc jmettraux are you using a disk over a network ?
2010-08-25 14:51:33 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: local disk. My FsStorage problems weren't strictly speed related. It seemed to be falling over completely. When I used $DEBUG large amounts of exceptions were reported. I gave up on that and switched to HashParticipant.
2010-08-25 14:51:44 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: Doh. HashStorage.
2010-08-25 14:51:58 utc jmettraux what operating system are you using, and which ruby ?
2010-08-25 14:52:14 utc gmcinnes I assume HashStorage should be faster than FsStorage?
2010-08-25 14:52:24 utc jmettraux yes, but it doesn't persist to disk
2010-08-25 14:52:56 utc gmcinnes OS X and rvm'ed Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7
2010-08-25 14:53:13 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: I can live without the persistance for testing purposes.
2010-08-25 14:53:28 utc jmettraux I'd love to see one of those exception stack traces
2010-08-25 14:53:42 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: What I'm surprised about is that 2.1 HashStorage seems to be faster than 1.9 FsStorage equivalent.
2010-08-25 14:53:49 utc jmettraux if you never report the issue, it will not get fixed
2010-08-25 14:53:58 utc jmettraux well
2010-08-25 14:54:15 utc jmettraux isn't that normal ?
2010-08-25 14:54:27 utc jmettraux memory storage is faster than disk storage usually...
2010-08-25 14:54:29 utc jmettraux ;-)
2010-08-25 14:54:47 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: oh. my fat fingers this morning :(
2010-08-25 14:55:14 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: 2.1 HashStorage seems to be *slower* than 1.9 FsStorage equivalent, I meant to say.
2010-08-25 14:55:28 utc jmettraux strange
2010-08-25 14:56:04 utc jmettraux 2.1 is simpler, it has no caching
2010-08-25 14:56:43 utc jmettraux we should build a bench to do that comparison
2010-08-25 14:57:31 utc gmcinnes jmettraux: Will report. Wanted to check in with you first to make sure I"m not doing anything stupid first :). As usual, I'm juggling 4 projects and I switched context out of ruote.
2010-08-25 14:57:45 utc jmettraux ouch, I understand the pain
2010-08-25 15:12:56 utc jmettraux gentlemen, I have to leave you
2010-08-25 15:13:02 utc jmettraux please do your best
2010-08-25 15:13:14 utc gmcinnes bon soir. I'll follow up on the mailing list, good sir.
2010-08-25 15:13:18 utc jmettraux don't hesitate to post to the mailing list
2010-08-25 15:13:24 utc jmettraux bonne nuit !
2010-08-25 15:13:31 utc fixr bye!