ruote log_2010-08-10

2010-08-10 00:53:18 utc jmettraux test
2010-08-10 02:30:57 utc brain_in_vat fail
2010-08-10 02:32:01 utc jmettraux :-)
2010-08-10 02:32:25 utc brain_in_vat ;)
2010-08-10 06:13:52 utc anb_ Hello
2010-08-10 06:14:11 utc tosch_le hello anb_!
2010-08-10 06:14:27 utc tosch_le (and hello to the rest of you, too!)
2010-08-10 06:16:29 utc jmettraux hello
2010-08-10 13:14:34 utc anb_ anyone has experience with websockets ?
2010-08-10 13:14:52 utc tosch_le sorry, no experience.
2010-08-10 13:15:29 utc anb_ np
2010-08-10 13:16:27 utc anb_ I'm experiencing log file monitoring with node.js / websockets and I'm starting to dream of ruote monitoring
2010-08-10 13:22:07 utc jmettraux monitoring ?
2010-08-10 13:23:17 utc jmettraux observing ?
2010-08-10 13:24:08 utc anb_ yes
2010-08-10 13:24:31 utc anb_ for example a status page with current processes but with live updates
2010-08-10 13:26:03 utc jmettraux what's the frequency of change for your process instances ?
2010-08-10 13:27:42 utc anb_ not that fast :)
2010-08-10 13:27:54 utc jmettraux by the way, you never told me if the change I commited for your } issue yesterday was successful
2010-08-10 13:28:16 utc anb_ oups, sorry. let me try
2010-08-10 13:28:47 utc anb_ nah it's not working. Can still see the closing brace }
2010-08-10 13:29:31 utc anb_ can't we just get rid of fields[-1] if it is equal to "}"
2010-08-10 13:29:33 utc anb_ ?
2010-08-10 13:30:01 utc jmettraux the code does just that
2010-08-10 13:30:09 utc jmettraux let me double check
2010-08-10 13:31:27 utc jmettraux ah
2010-08-10 13:31:33 utc jmettraux I changed in workitems and not in workitem
2010-08-10 13:31:56 utc anb_ oh
2010-08-10 13:31:56 utc anb_ ok
2010-08-10 13:36:38 utc jmettraux anb_: could you please gist me what your lib/ruote-kit/views/workitems.html.haml looks like ?
2010-08-10 13:40:40 utc anb_ It should be the one at jmettraux/ruote-kit
2010-08-10 13:41:02 utc jmettraux OK
2010-08-10 13:41:04 utc jmettraux I take a workitem
2010-08-10 13:41:13 utc jmettraux nuke the params sub-field
2010-08-10 13:41:35 utc jmettraux looks at /_ruote/workitems and then sorry, but I can't see the }
2010-08-10 13:41:54 utc jmettraux look at
2010-08-10 13:42:23 utc jmettraux maybe I didn't understand your explanation
2010-08-10 13:42:52 utc anb_ sorry I'll come with an example
2010-08-10 13:44:48 utc anb_ if you launch this process and go to workitems/
2010-08-10 13:44:54 utc anb_ you should see it
2010-08-10 13:45:01 utc anb_ otherwise I have a problem with my setup
2010-08-10 13:46:25 utc jmettraux aaaaaaaah
2010-08-10 13:46:30 utc jmettraux in fields, not in params
2010-08-10 13:47:40 utc jmettraux ok
2010-08-10 13:47:40 utc anb_ I said params ? sorry I meant fields
2010-08-10 13:48:32 utc jmettraux thanks, got it
2010-08-10 13:48:58 utc jmettraux
2010-08-10 13:49:50 utc anb_ nice
2010-08-10 13:50:01 utc anb_ was not really a problem
2010-08-10 13:55:36 utc jmettraux I'm progressing with the pagination
2010-08-10 14:02:03 utc anb_ that's great. we'll really need it later
2010-08-10 14:13:07 utc anb_ changed expression keys ? fei instead of expid and wfid ?
2010-08-10 14:13:22 utc jmettraux yes
2010-08-10 14:14:18 utc jmettraux this shouldn't matter
2010-08-10 14:14:34 utc jmettraux if you have a process resource, you simply following its #expressions link
2010-08-10 14:15:50 utc anb_ yes but I printed details about an expression in our admin page. in a table
2010-08-10 14:16:38 utc anb_ but it's a quick fix
2010-08-10 14:17:19 utc jmettraux sorry, trying hard to be restful
2010-08-10 14:30:04 utc anb_ no problem
2010-08-10 14:40:09 utc anb_ see you later
2010-08-10 14:41:15 utc jmettraux ok, ciao !
2010-08-10 15:16:03 utc dovidh Hello. I'm doing a bit on research on ruote and other worflow systems. In ruote, it is possible to add another participant (adHoc) dynamically?
2010-08-10 15:16:44 utc dovidh ex: Person with approval looks at a "document" and decides to add a person to get a "notification", this time only
2010-08-10 15:16:45 utc tosch_le hello dovidh! yes, this is possible.
2010-08-10 15:17:28 utc dovidh toshch_le: Thanks. what would you call this, in ruote terminology?
2010-08-10 15:17:46 utc tosch_le though i'm unsure if i'd implement that functionality using a dynamically added participant
2010-08-10 15:18:44 utc tosch_le adding a participant or your desired functionality?
2010-08-10 15:19:46 utc tosch_le if the latter: it depends on the time when the notification should be sent.
2010-08-10 15:20:41 utc tosch_le basically, i would work with workitem fields and a notification participant or sub-process in that case, i suppose.
2010-08-10 15:21:28 utc dovidh I'm thinking, as an example, that someone who is supposed to look at a doc and then either approve or disapprove, might have the option of adding an adHoc "route the doc to this other person for a notify", or "route the doc to another person for an adHoc insertion of an approval/disapproval" type of operation
2010-08-10 15:21:56 utc dovidh Just exploring at this point. Nothing it set in stone
2010-08-10 15:23:51 utc tosch_le for a notification sent immediately _i_ wouldn't bother ruote; though that is a personal opinion
2010-08-10 15:24:27 utc tosch_le regarding the "another approval operation" scenario: have a look at the loop expression
2010-08-10 15:25:11 utc tosch_le i would loop until the workitem is approved or disapproved
2010-08-10 15:25:45 utc tosch_le in the loop, the participant is called. the participant name is given in a workitem field.
2010-08-10 15:26:58 utc tosch_le i think there was an example for that one somewhere, let me have a look
2010-08-10 15:27:24 utc dovidh Thanks. I'll look at workitems and the loop expressions in the mean time
2010-08-10 15:27:53 utc tosch_le ah, first of all, have a look at "cursor", too.
2010-08-10 15:32:00 utc tosch_le ok, simple one:
2010-08-10 15:32:01 utc tosch_le repeat do
2010-08-10 15:32:02 utc tosch_le participant :ref => '${f:reviewer}'
2010-08-10 15:32:02 utc tosch_le _break :if => '${f:finished}'
2010-08-10 15:32:02 utc tosch_le end
2010-08-10 15:32:26 utc tosch_le expects the participant name in the workitem field "reviewer"
2010-08-10 15:33:41 utc tosch_le note: participants may be registered using a regex, so there is no need to register a participant for every reviewer
2010-08-10 15:34:27 utc tosch_le have a look at
2010-08-10 15:34:58 utc dovidh great. tnx
2010-08-10 15:35:46 utc tosch_le no problem. if you like to get more info, don't hesitate to bother the mailing list at
2010-08-10 15:37:08 utc tosch_le you'll get much more detailed answers than mine there
2010-08-10 15:38:22 utc dovidh thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction
2010-08-10 23:06:01 utc weyus Hello all
2010-08-10 23:06:19 utc weyus Quick question: I'm preparing a presentation on ruote that I'm giving very soon.
2010-08-10 23:06:35 utc weyus I can't find the Engine#launch method anywhere in the documentation.