ruote log_2010-07-25

2010-07-25 01:18:47 utc dhf lbt: you there?
2010-07-25 01:27:27 utc dhf jmettraux: Good Morning. Is there any problem with reregistering participants? Trying to decide if I want to keep track of what is registered or just register new when needed.
2010-07-25 01:27:53 utc jmettraux dhf: good afternoon, it should be OK
2010-07-25 01:28:09 utc jmettraux if there is anything wrong please tell me
2010-07-25 01:30:17 utc dhf I am doing the directory register and it works fine, but wanted to provide a way to reregister. I do maintain order. I am using beanstalkd as a queuing system for administration of the system. Wanted to provide a re-register participants as an option so new or modified ones could be updated.
2010-07-25 01:31:33 utc jmettraux with the new engine.participant_list and engine.participant_list= you can do participant list administration in one go
2010-07-25 01:39:37 utc dhf is the ParticipantEntry the class name of the participant and the class of the participant?
2010-07-25 01:43:39 utc jmettraux it contains the regex, the classname and the options
2010-07-25 01:55:36 utc dhf so when you call engine.participant_list = [/image.+/, [ImageParticipant, {:file => '/tmp/file', :patient =>
2010-07-25 01:55:54 utc dhf 'Don French') it will create the particioant registery
2010-07-25 01:57:01 utc jmettraux ouch
2010-07-25 01:57:30 utc jmettraux the participant list (registry) will already be created
2010-07-25 01:57:40 utc jmettraux it will attempt to fit this data into it for you
2010-07-25 01:57:56 utc jmettraux maybe this ParticipantEntry helper class is too confusing, I could remove it
2010-07-25 01:58:38 utc dhf how would you use it?
2010-07-25 01:59:24 utc jmettraux like at the beginning of
2010-07-25 02:03:06 utc dhf so you still have to register the participant normally but can manage it via the list?
2010-07-25 02:03:59 utc dhf with register_participants
2010-07-25 02:04:20 utc jmettraux you can register it individually or you can register it via this list
2010-07-25 02:04:58 utc jmettraux sorry for the distraction, but since you are into "participant administration", I wanted to show you this new feature
2010-07-25 02:05:04 utc jmettraux comments are welcome
2010-07-25 02:06:07 utc dhf very willing to look.
2010-07-25 02:53:10 utc dhf jmettraux: Can you give me an example of registering using the list for a new participant?
2010-07-25 02:57:42 utc jmettraux dhf: something like
2010-07-25 02:57:52 utc jmettraux I have to say, I'm not convinced about it
2010-07-25 03:01:58 utc dhf Got it. I missed that you had to stat with the existing list. to keep in order. If starting from new, jsut create a new array and start putting them in, then use participant_list= to set it. If I do that I do nto have to register the participant manually, right?
2010-07-25 03:02:18 utc jmettraux right
2010-07-25 03:02:41 utc jmettraux maybe I want to make it more flexible
2010-07-25 03:02:42 utc jmettraux liek
2010-07-25 03:02:44 utc jmettraux like
2010-07-25 03:03:25 utc jmettraux list << [ '^toto$', Ruote::StorageParticipant, { 'variant' => 'doric' } ]
2010-07-25 03:03:58 utc jmettraux the intricacies would be handled automagically
2010-07-25 03:04:20 utc jmettraux not sure yet, hence my call for feedback
2010-07-25 03:04:20 utc dhf that is good for initial building but would cause an issue for maint.
2010-07-25 03:04:31 utc dhf I will experiment tonight
2010-07-25 03:04:31 utc jmettraux how ?
2010-07-25 03:04:34 utc jmettraux ok
2010-07-25 03:23:51 utc dhf if you are using require_path/load_path, it goes as the second element of the array?
2010-07-25 03:24:03 utc jmettraux yes, it's an option
2010-07-25 03:27:48 utc dhf ok. I am trying it. changing my dir_registry to see if it is better. I will probably have to extend the class. I need some time information. if the participant on the disk is has not been changed since it was registered I see no need to unregister it as long as it is in the same priority. SO I have to keep that information.
2010-07-25 03:28:54 utc jmettraux you could store it has an option
2010-07-25 03:29:07 utc jmettraux '_last_modified' => t
2010-07-25 03:29:25 utc dhf could, will try it
2010-07-25 07:38:58 utc lbt I like engine.participant_list :)
2010-07-25 07:39:31 utc jmettraux :)
2010-07-25 07:39:56 utc lbt and.... good morning john
2010-07-25 07:40:02 utc jmettraux good morning
2010-07-25 08:00:54 utc lbt do you have something a little like a web management console onto ruote? something that can list running processes (or the wfids at least), and would also be able to list participants?
2010-07-25 08:01:51 utc jmettraux already forgotten about ruote-kit ?
2010-07-25 08:02:13 utc jmettraux but the edge is at
2010-07-25 08:02:15 utc lbt just reading it ...
2010-07-25 08:02:29 utc jmettraux I still have to implement the /participants resource
2010-07-25 08:03:02 utc jmettraux I mentioned it in our exchanges on the mailing list
2010-07-25 08:04:03 utc lbt *nod* I got the impression it was a code-level http api onto ruote ... which of course is an crucial part
2010-07-25 08:04:36 utc lbt I'm looking for something shiney :)
2010-07-25 08:04:42 utc jmettraux sorry
2010-07-25 08:04:54 utc lbt not a problem.... worth asking
2010-07-25 08:05:46 utc jmettraux my plan is to make it shiny within the end of the summer