ruote log_2010-07-08

2010-07-08 07:54:14 utc dhf Quick question. What happens if a participant is registered more than once?
2010-07-08 07:54:59 utc jmettraux dhf: hello, it should override the previous one
2010-07-08 07:56:40 utc dhf would it change any processes in flight that may be using it?
2010-07-08 07:57:41 utc jmettraux no
2010-07-08 07:57:53 utc jmettraux well it depends
2010-07-08 07:58:19 utc jmettraux if the participant emitted a workitem to the real participant and is currently waiting for an answer
2010-07-08 07:58:26 utc jmettraux and you change the participant
2010-07-08 07:58:46 utc jmettraux and this participant was/is using the on_reply (advanced) technique, that will change things
2010-07-08 07:59:54 utc jmettraux (on_reply )
2010-07-08 08:00:20 utc dhf not sure what on_reply is yet, Does it hurt to have lots of extra participants registered but not used?
2010-07-08 08:00:47 utc jmettraux it should be OK
2010-07-08 08:01:28 utc jmettraux the participant lookup is an iteration (not a hash access), I guess it would suffer only if you have 1k+ participants registered
2010-07-08 08:04:42 utc dhf the participants will not change, but I want to be sure they are registered when a a process is started. Trouble is I have no way to know which participants will be needed. The goal is to create many participants then allow users to create processes that use them as needed. I know I have to make sure the workitem fields are compatible.
2010-07-08 08:05:00 utc dhf probably only looking at < 200 total
2010-07-08 08:05:32 utc jmettraux sounds completely classical
2010-07-08 08:07:22 utc dhf that was what I was thinking but still learning your system. So far very impressed.
2010-07-08 08:07:35 utc jmettraux ah cool
2010-07-08 08:07:37 utc jmettraux thanks