ruote log_2010-06-19

2010-06-19 08:28:52 utc lbt hint or tip: when trying to debug ruote-amqp don't leave old participants running in a VM on your laptop connected to the same RabbitMQ.... they eat jobs...
2010-06-19 09:04:30 utc lbt FYI I've put together a minimal 'demo' at which should be useable by non-ruby users. It uses ruote and daemon-kit to create multiple remote participants.
2010-06-19 09:26:11 utc jmettraux nice
2010-06-19 09:29:56 utc jmettraux do you have a "homepage" for meego that I could point to ?
2010-06-19 09:30:48 utc jmettraux ?
2010-06-19 16:39:10 utc lbt hi threetee
2010-06-19 16:39:29 utc threetee hi lbt
2010-06-19 16:39:52 utc lbt just sent a mail off about a simple demo I've pulled together
2010-06-19 16:40:36 utc lbt now I need to sort out the r-a participant syntax with daemon-kit
2010-06-19 16:41:50 utc lbt you may know... what's going on 'inside' a sequence?
2010-06-19 16:42:13 utc lbt eg:
2010-06-19 16:42:48 utc lbt I'd ike to define something like :
2010-06-19 16:43:01 utc threetee reading
2010-06-19 16:43:09 utc lbt ta :)
2010-06-19 16:46:34 utc threetee for my r-a participants, I built on the example that daemon-kit provides
2010-06-19 16:46:41 utc threetee hang on, I'll post an example of one of mine
2010-06-19 16:46:45 utc lbt that's been taken away now
2010-06-19 16:46:51 utc lbt the 'map' thing?
2010-06-19 16:47:13 utc lbt
2010-06-19 17:07:26 utc threetee no, not the map thing
2010-06-19 17:07:58 utc threetee
2010-06-19 17:08:47 utc threetee that's for a r-a participant that would handle local account administration
2010-06-19 17:08:48 utc lbt looking
2010-06-19 17:09:11 utc threetee still very rough, not as much error handling as I'd like, etc.
2010-06-19 17:10:14 utc lbt so how are those specified in a pdef?
2010-06-19 17:10:31 utc lbt kit :command=>"remove" ?
2010-06-19 17:21:34 utc threetee
2010-06-19 17:22:56 utc threetee I basically define a remote_server participant that I can use within my PDEFs to pass arbitrary commands to servers on arbitrary queues
2010-06-19 17:23:06 utc lbt yep... I see
2010-06-19 17:23:57 utc threetee in my case, I usually have a 1:1 relationship between queues and servers
2010-06-19 17:24:28 utc lbt I was looking to embed the info in the class :
2010-06-19 17:24:59 utc lbt ACTION doesn't grok the ".inject({}) { |h, (k, v)| h[k.to_s] = v; h }" though ;)
2010-06-19 17:25:46 utc threetee it's like I'm coding in Perl again :)
2010-06-19 17:26:02 utc lbt yeah... that's inscrutable
2010-06-19 17:26:58 utc lbt it's odd that half of ruby is written to be almost natural language-like ... then you get that
2010-06-19 17:28:28 utc lbt my wife is throwing things at me
2010-06-19 17:28:38 utc lbt I think I need to go for tea .... l8r :D
2010-06-19 17:29:25 utc threetee bye