ruote log_2010-06-15

2010-06-14 23:32:19 utc jmettraux lbt: many thanks for the wiki updates, I have added some more comments, feel free to re-use their content or simply remove them
2010-06-15 06:53:22 utc jmettraux
2010-06-15 06:55:43 utc tosch_le congrats!
2010-06-15 06:56:11 utc jmettraux thanks for the help !
2010-06-15 07:18:18 utc lbt jmettraux: o/ I saw the wiki comments yesterday :)
2010-06-15 07:18:39 utc lbt I'm trying to keep the first section as an "executive overview"
2010-06-15 07:18:45 utc jmettraux OK
2010-06-15 07:19:12 utc lbt so moving that into the second half of the page would be my first reaction
2010-06-15 07:19:50 utc lbt I got the go ahead to spend the next 2 weeks looking at how ruote can work in our orchestration area
2010-06-15 07:19:59 utc lbt so that's good...
2010-06-15 07:20:05 utc jmettraux as you wish, it's great for me to have someone else in charge of a piece of documentation
2010-06-15 07:20:22 utc jmettraux ah yes, I saw you are mentioning ruote in your meego wiki
2010-06-15 07:20:58 utc lbt bbias ... cats
2010-06-15 08:17:37 utc jmettraux tosch_le: thanks for the RT
2010-06-15 12:37:34 utc jmettraux kennethkalmer: hello, can you hear me ?
2010-06-15 12:38:05 utc jmettraux ACTION plays vuvuzela
2010-06-15 12:48:07 utc tosch_le i suppose there are too many vuvuzelas at kenneth' site...
2010-06-15 12:48:15 utc tosch_le at least at the moment
2010-06-15 12:49:44 utc jmettraux :)
2010-06-15 12:50:00 utc jmettraux I forwarded him the question about amqp
2010-06-15 12:52:28 utc jmettraux tosch_le: when is the next match of your team ?
2010-06-15 12:53:02 utc tosch_le friday iirc
2010-06-15 12:53:11 utc jmettraux ah, found
2010-06-15 12:54:27 utc tosch_le working will be nearly impossible, the match will be shown in the office
2010-06-15 12:56:40 utc jmettraux ouch
2010-06-15 12:57:28 utc tosch_le you might remember: soccer is _very_ popular in germany...
2010-06-15 12:57:53 utc jmettraux I know
2010-06-15 12:57:56 utc jmettraux :)
2010-06-15 12:58:48 utc jmettraux and your team is excellent
2010-06-15 13:00:06 utc tosch_le hmm. let's see...
2010-06-15 13:21:04 utc kschiess hi all
2010-06-15 13:21:09 utc jmettraux Hi !
2010-06-15 13:21:10 utc kschiess congrats to the release
2010-06-15 13:21:52 utc jmettraux ah, thanks !
2010-06-15 13:22:11 utc kschiess Anybody in here use ruote with ActiveRecord and ruby 1.9.2 ?
2010-06-15 13:22:43 utc jmettraux ouch, ruote-activerecord needs some love
2010-06-15 13:23:04 utc jmettraux or you could use ruote-dm and simply hack an activerecord model to read workitems from the dm table
2010-06-15 13:23:09 utc kschiess erm
2010-06-15 13:23:26 utc kschiess I use ruote pure, just accessing AR models from the participants
2010-06-15 13:23:43 utc kschiess Running into the limit of the connection pool (5) with this, since everything is a new thread.
2010-06-15 13:24:11 utc kschiess Am wondering if there is a clever solution to this (giving connections back to the pool? When? Hooks?)
2010-06-15 13:24:12 utc jmettraux ah
2010-06-15 13:24:39 utc jmettraux IIRC there is a "sanctified way" to do it
2010-06-15 13:25:43 utc kschiess For giving them back? Yes. there is.
2010-06-15 13:26:09 utc jmettraux as a workaround, you could force the participant into def do_not_thread; return true; end
2010-06-15 13:26:10 utc kschiess Just: Where can I hook into ruote so that I know of ruote participant threads exiting?
2010-06-15 13:26:31 utc kschiess re: workaround: yes that would work.
2010-06-15 13:26:55 utc jmettraux in your consume(workitem) method, I guess the ensure block could be the right place
2010-06-15 13:27:27 utc kschiess In every participant? I would like to hook somewhere general, just giving it back on end of block...
2010-06-15 13:27:36 utc kschiess (lazy coder ;))
2010-06-15 13:28:07 utc jmettraux you could have a KschiessParticipant and then extend it each time
2010-06-15 13:28:43 utc kschiess Another good idea. Looking through the source for my own ideas now. I guess limited worker thread pool is still not implemented?
2010-06-15 13:29:01 utc jmettraux feel free to implement a custom one
2010-06-15 13:29:05 utc kschiess ;)
2010-06-15 13:29:12 utc kschiess I just might ;)
2010-06-15 13:29:18 utc jmettraux enjoy !
2010-06-15 13:29:27 utc kschiess Thanks for the advice!
2010-06-15 13:30:27 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2010-06-15 13:31:01 utc kschiess Even though I hit roadblock after roadblock, I still enjoy working with ruote.
2010-06-15 13:32:59 utc jmettraux if I were you I'd first look at an ActiveRecordBotheringParticipant that deals with the "give back the connection"
2010-06-15 13:33:05 utc jmettraux sorry for the roadblock
2010-06-15 13:33:20 utc jmettraux remember, we're here (sometimes on IRC) and the mailing list is open :)
2010-06-15 13:33:21 utc kschiess No need to be, your library makes things possible that weren't before
2010-06-15 13:33:37 utc jmettraux and we're glad to have some feedback (on the docs as well)
2010-06-15 13:33:42 utc kschiess Where is that ActiveRecordBotheringParticipant?
2010-06-15 13:33:47 utc kschiess in ruote-ar?
2010-06-15 13:34:56 utc jmettraux ah sorry, It was a name I just come up with
2010-06-15 13:35:00 utc kschiess btw: ML is on google, which is somewhat inconvenient for NNTP-lovers like myself.
2010-06-15 13:35:04 utc kschiess ah ic
2010-06-15 13:35:08 utc jmettraux instead of "KschiessParticipant"
2010-06-15 13:35:16 utc kschiess yep
2010-06-15 13:35:31 utc kschiess Thinking of subclassing the dispatcher now.
2010-06-15 13:35:32 utc jmettraux ouch, I never realized that, goggle groups are so convenient
2010-06-15 13:35:53 utc kschiess I cannot connect it to since google doesn't want it to...
2010-06-15 13:37:03 utc jmettraux could I set an archive target to gmane as I'm admin ?
2010-06-15 13:37:54 utc kschiess I think you could. It's bothersome though, since you'll have to a) apply for it at gmane, b) wait for the gmane admins to contact you with the right address, c) enter it in google... and even then, sometimes messages just go to nirvana...
2010-06-15 13:38:11 utc jmettraux ok, but if you want I can do it
2010-06-15 13:38:16 utc kschiess We could try though, that would help me a lot ;)
2010-06-15 13:40:15 utc kschiess is gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ruote fine?
2010-06-15 13:40:31 utc jmettraux sounds fine !
2010-06-15 13:41:05 utc kschiess Can I enter your email as subscriber? You will be eventually contacted by gmane admins...
2010-06-15 13:41:15 utc jmettraux please
2010-06-15 13:42:18 utc kschiess done. I guess we'll have to wait for the results now...
2010-06-15 13:42:36 utc jmettraux great
2010-06-15 13:42:55 utc jmettraux If I have any question, I'll ping you per email (with cc to the google group) OK ?
2010-06-15 13:43:36 utc kschiess Yep, np. preferred, but my google address works I guess ,)
2010-06-15 13:43:54 utc kschiess now back to my troubles ;)
2010-06-15 13:44:23 utc jmettraux OK, wrote it down
2010-06-15 14:16:18 utc kennethkalmer ACTION blows vuvuzela :)
2010-06-15 14:16:21 utc kennethkalmer hey guys
2010-06-15 14:16:27 utc jmettraux hi !
2010-06-15 14:16:41 utc kennethkalmer was out getting michelle's new drivers license card
2010-06-15 14:16:56 utc tosch_le ACTION tooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
2010-06-15 14:17:54 utc kennethkalmer tosch_le: that's the spirit