ruote log_2010-06-02

2010-06-02 08:55:39 utc jmettraux kennethkalmer: coffee ?
2010-06-02 08:55:47 utc kennethkalmer jmettraux: yes please !
2010-06-02 08:56:03 utc jmettraux ACTION emits coffee towards world cup zone
2010-06-02 08:57:52 utc kennethkalmer ACTION scores a great coffee :)
2010-06-02 08:58:12 utc kennethkalmer can't wait, 9 more days till kick off
2010-06-02 08:59:16 utc tosch_le i had the world cup just below my window four years ago...
2010-06-02 08:59:41 utc kennethkalmer oh wow
2010-06-02 08:59:49 utc kennethkalmer no it is my turn :D
2010-06-02 08:59:58 utc kennethkalmer now*
2010-06-02 09:00:15 utc tosch_le that was some fun, especially the serbian street musicians playing loudly while my wife was trying to learn for her exams ;-)
2010-06-02 09:01:32 utc jmettraux ouch
2010-06-02 09:01:34 utc tosch_le seriously: it was a very special atmosphere. i perfectly understand you're looking forward
2010-06-02 09:01:48 utc tosch_le the cup
2010-06-02 09:02:05 utc jmettraux coffee cup
2010-06-02 09:02:21 utc kennethkalmer :)
2010-06-02 09:02:28 utc kennethkalmer this country is buzzing atm
2010-06-02 09:02:33 utc kennethkalmer just flags everywhere
2010-06-02 09:02:43 utc kennethkalmer people uniting and doing absurd things together
2010-06-02 09:02:47 utc kennethkalmer pretty awesome
2010-06-02 11:29:04 utc lbt hi guys... could you review for me?
2010-06-02 11:29:34 utc lbt jmettraux: ^
2010-06-02 11:36:53 utc jmettraux whoah, it looks impressive
2010-06-02 11:38:52 utc jmettraux many thanks
2010-06-02 11:44:06 utc jmettraux the workitem doesn't contain the process definition, the expression does
2010-06-02 11:44:26 utc jmettraux expressions are like "actors" (the programming pattern)
2010-06-02 11:46:15 utc jmettraux lbt: what would be the best way to help you with this overview ?
2010-06-02 11:52:23 utc jmettraux lbt: I could perhaps "insert" comments in the wiki to help you re-formulate some of the ideas, wdyt ?
2010-06-02 12:02:11 utc lbt jmettraux: yep, sounds good
2010-06-02 12:03:50 utc lbt I think the thing that I needed to grasp was that both the process state and 'code' (expression tree) is stored persistently
2010-06-02 12:04:57 utc lbt when a new wi is put into storage the worker reads both the state and tree from the store and begins to interpret
2010-06-02 12:19:02 utc jmettraux lbt: well, it's more when a launch order arrives the worker turns the process definition into a[n abstract syntax tree] and spawns expressions for each node in the tree
2010-06-02 12:19:14 utc jmettraux as it traverses the tree
2010-06-02 12:19:25 utc jmettraux I will "comment" the wiki then
2010-06-02 12:53:33 utc jmettraux lbt: commented (used italics)
2010-06-02 12:53:43 utc jmettraux if you have any question...
2010-06-02 16:05:09 utc lbt hi threetee.... another r-amqp user eh?
2010-06-02 16:05:23 utc threetee yes
2010-06-02 16:05:51 utc threetee not using it in production yet, but working on that now actually
2010-06-02 16:06:19 utc lbt I'm fairly new to Ruby so spending some time getting to know it
2010-06-02 16:06:47 utc lbt pulled together a demo that went very well on monday and again yesterday
2010-06-02 16:07:09 utc lbt killing various servers and watching the process continue as they restarted
2010-06-02 16:07:58 utc lbt it seems the docs around r-a may need a little tlc though... the map_participant doesn't seem to work
2010-06-02 16:42:21 utc threetee yes, I ran into a similar issue
2010-06-02 16:42:58 utc threetee are you running it from within a rails app?
2010-06-02 16:44:07 utc threetee I ended up having to use the 'stateless' method of defining the participant
2010-06-02 16:46:42 utc threetee
2010-06-02 17:08:23 utc lbt no, I'm running standalone...
2010-06-02 17:09:36 utc lbt fyi I wrote ... any comments/additions as someone else new to it?
2010-06-02 17:53:04 utc threetee hey kennethkalmer, I have a ruote-amqp question if you're around