ruote log_2010-05-09

2010-05-09 04:06:18 utc threetee hi jmettraux
2010-05-09 04:06:32 utc jmettraux Hello !
2010-05-09 04:06:39 utc threetee question about
2010-05-09 04:08:05 utc threetee if I understand you correctly, it seems that I should be able to use 'participant :ashley, RuoteAMQP::Participant', yes?
2010-05-09 04:08:30 utc jmettraux if RuoteAmqp::Participant is OK with it, yes
2010-05-09 04:08:36 utc jmettraux if it's not OK, we have to upgrade it
2010-05-09 04:08:38 utc threetee in the ruote-amqp rdocs, that is listed as an example
2010-05-09 04:08:46 utc jmettraux ah great
2010-05-09 04:08:47 utc threetee so I assume it supports it
2010-05-09 04:09:40 utc threetee but wanted to check with you to see if you had made your statement based on reading the ruote-amqp participant code, or if it was a general statement about the way I was using the ruote-amqp participant
2010-05-09 04:09:58 utc jmettraux :)
2010-05-09 04:10:07 utc threetee sounds like it was the latter, so I'll rework my code and test it out :)
2010-05-09 04:10:26 utc jmettraux more like "sorry I don't have the time to check ruote-amqp right now, but this is how it should work to comply with ruote 2.1.x"
2010-05-09 04:10:50 utc jmettraux also a message towards Kenneth
2010-05-09 04:11:12 utc jmettraux ruote-amqp is very important, if you want to take the lead, that's great
2010-05-09 04:11:31 utc threetee I'll test it out to see if it works the way it should
2010-05-09 04:11:47 utc jmettraux many thanks !
2010-05-09 04:54:21 utc threetee works! :)
2010-05-09 04:56:13 utc jmettraux great !
2010-05-09 11:51:38 utc der-dokctor Hi