ruote log_2010-04-05

2010-04-05 13:03:06 utc jmettraux vagmi: hi
2010-04-05 13:04:33 utc vagmi hi
2010-04-05 13:04:51 utc jmettraux welcome on #ruote
2010-04-05 13:05:04 utc vagmi i am a n00b to ruote and still reeling from the shock of the new terms :)
2010-04-05 13:05:20 utc vagmi i was hoping to find help on getting started with ruote-kit and sinatra
2010-04-05 13:05:43 utc jmettraux ok
2010-04-05 13:06:11 utc vagmi i dont seem to find a single getting started kind of tutorial to get started with a web app
2010-04-05 13:06:20 utc jmettraux at first, if nobody replies here, you can always find help on the mailing list :
2010-04-05 13:06:34 utc vagmi yeah... i am browsing that list as well
2010-04-05 13:06:52 utc vagmi i just logged on to IRC to find out if it was alive :)
2010-04-05 13:06:53 utc jmettraux a mini-application :
2010-04-05 13:07:20 utc vagmi i looked at it but my process has timeouts
2010-04-05 13:07:25 utc jmettraux an example integration rails + ruote-kit :
2010-04-05 13:08:11 utc jmettraux why are timeouts a problem ?
2010-04-05 13:08:44 utc vagmi no .. i haven't understood them fully as yet
2010-04-05 13:09:26 utc vagmi is there a glossary kind of a page
2010-04-05 13:09:50 utc jmettraux
2010-04-05 13:09:58 utc jmettraux look under "basic documentation"
2010-04-05 13:10:25 utc jmettraux not yet complete though, but feel free to ask questions about vague terms here or on the mailing list
2010-04-05 13:10:27 utc vagmi yeah but most of them are still "todo"
2010-04-05 13:10:43 utc vagmi sure will do.. thanks a lot jmettraux
2010-04-05 13:11:05 utc vagmi is there some specific tutorial or video that you would advise apart from the stuff in the documentation page?
2010-04-05 13:11:06 utc jmettraux you're welcome, I will update the glossary, though you're the first one to complain
2010-04-05 13:11:17 utc jmettraux
2010-04-05 13:11:35 utc vagmi dont take it seriously. its only been a half a day since i started playing with ruote
2010-04-05 13:11:39 utc jmettraux ok
2010-04-05 13:11:49 utc vagmi i just opened up the channel just to find out if it was alive :)
2010-04-05 13:11:52 utc jmettraux feedback (even negative) is appreciated :)
2010-04-05 13:12:29 utc vagmi one thing that strikes me immediately is that for a person who is not used to thinking in terms of business processes (like an avg web dev)
2010-04-05 13:12:34 utc vagmi ruote is a bit of a jump
2010-04-05 13:13:07 utc jmettraux yes, but on the other hand, the "jump" allows to filter out people
2010-04-05 13:13:29 utc vagmi i will checkout the ruote-on-rails and barley, i am sure i can pick it up from there.
2010-04-05 13:13:46 utc jmettraux OK
2010-04-05 13:13:47 utc vagmi thanks.. will bug you later on the mailing list :)
2010-04-05 13:14:05 utc jmettraux please do :)