ruote log_2010-03-12

2010-03-12 00:11:08 utc der-dokctor thanks. I know – but I remember I set the name especially for google groups.
2010-03-12 00:12:14 utc der-dokctor aaaah
2010-03-12 00:12:16 utc jmettraux ok
2010-03-12 00:13:08 utc der-dokctor and of course it's there. I found it. It's a nickname on google groups
2010-03-12 00:13:20 utc jmettraux great :)
2010-03-12 00:15:17 utc der-dokctor ok, gute Nacht, bonne nuit, good night, buena noche!
2010-03-12 00:15:30 utc jmettraux Gute Nacht !
2010-03-12 01:56:57 utc jmettraux gmcinnes: hi, how is it going ?
2010-03-12 01:57:11 utc gmcinnes hey man. going well.
2010-03-12 01:57:24 utc gmcinnes experimenting with rubinius, now that its nearing 1.0.0
2010-03-12 01:57:28 utc gmcinnes how are you?
2010-03-12 01:57:30 utc jmettraux ah, nice
2010-03-12 01:57:36 utc jmettraux doing fine, thanks !
2010-03-12 01:59:48 utc gmcinnes through our big push... looking to switching to 2.X.X soon.
2010-03-12 02:00:04 utc jmettraux ah, that's good news
2010-03-12 02:00:07 utc gmcinnes also thinking about writing a SIP participant so we can simplify our outgoing calls.
2010-03-12 02:00:39 utc jmettraux that'd deserve a blog post ;)
2010-03-12 02:08:51 utc gmcinnes yeah, well, we'll see :) I haven't looked into it enough to know if there be dragons or not.
2010-03-12 02:09:18 utc gmcinnes but the last time I looked there was no ruby SIP client lib, so that would be the first task.
2010-03-12 02:10:22 utc jmettraux adhearsion doesn't do that ?
2010-03-12 02:11:22 utc gmcinnes not as far as I know. It communicates with asterisk over its AGI and AMI protocols.
2010-03-12 02:11:35 utc jmettraux ah ok
2010-03-12 02:11:36 utc gmcinnes (of which one is reasonable, and the other is terrible)
2010-03-12 02:16:24 utc gmcinnes seriously. Jay gets kudos in my book just for wrapping those protocols into something robust and sensible :) Just for that, adhearsion is useful.
2010-03-12 02:16:47 utc jmettraux :)
2010-03-12 02:17:17 utc jmettraux I know nothing of all those techs, yet they bring so much possibilities
2010-03-12 02:28:57 utc gmcinnes asterisk is absolutely horrible, but the standards are so low in the pbx / telephony world that its orders of magnitude better than other stuff thats out there.
2010-03-12 02:29:09 utc jmettraux ouch