ruote log_2010-03-09

2010-03-09 12:44:46 utc jmettraux guys, if one of you sees der_dokctor in this channel, please tell him to post his questions on the mailing list
2010-03-09 18:55:59 utc der-dokctor Hi! :)
2010-03-09 20:17:47 utc kennethkalmer hi der-dokctor
2010-03-09 20:18:07 utc kennethkalmer jmettraux asked that we direct you to the mailing list to cope with the time difference
2010-03-09 20:18:11 utc kennethkalmer i'll see if I can help
2010-03-09 20:19:07 utc kennethkalmer but the google group is
2010-03-09 20:24:05 utc der-dokctor Hi, kennethkalmer! Most people in the chat seem to be sleeping when I arrive. :)
2010-03-09 20:24:09 utc der-dokctor thank you
2010-03-09 20:34:35 utc der-dokctor I will send my questions straight to the ml.
2010-03-09 20:54:56 utc kennethkalmer thanks, and like you said I'm heading off to bed myself :)
2010-03-09 20:55:04 utc kennethkalmer apologies for the high latency
2010-03-09 20:55:18 utc kennethkalmer seems we're all swamped and not giving the deserved attention to the community
2010-03-09 20:55:32 utc kennethkalmer will catch you again later !
2010-03-09 20:57:11 utc der-dokctor :-)
2010-03-09 20:57:18 utc der-dokctor Have a good sleep!