ruote log_2010-03-05

2010-03-05 03:59:01 utc jmettraux biv: hello
2010-03-05 03:59:10 utc biv hey jmettraux , how are you?
2010-03-05 03:59:49 utc jmettraux I'm doing fine, you ?
2010-03-05 04:00:07 utc biv ok, a bit of bother with some illness, but recovering rapidly
2010-03-05 04:00:33 utc jmettraux aah, take care
2010-03-05 04:01:00 utc jmettraux I have some piece of code, maybe you have some time for suggestions
2010-03-05 04:01:08 utc biv sure
2010-03-05 04:01:34 utc jmettraux ACTION pushing code to github
2010-03-05 04:01:56 utc biv ACTION nods
2010-03-05 04:02:00 utc biv take your time, working on something else
2010-03-05 04:02:11 utc jmettraux same for you
2010-03-05 04:02:43 utc jmettraux biv: here it is
2010-03-05 04:02:46 utc jmettraux
2010-03-05 04:02:50 utc biv looking
2010-03-05 04:03:16 utc biv v. interesting, give me a mo
2010-03-05 04:06:53 utc biv ok, I suggest the features change in language
2010-03-05 04:06:59 utc biv because it is very technical right now
2010-03-05 04:07:14 utc biv perhaps I could use this to cucumber our ruote stuff and show you what comes out of it
2010-03-05 04:07:39 utc jmettraux ok
2010-03-05 04:07:42 utc biv business process owners/managers are meant to be able to write the features - they have a very generic language, and yours is very technical
2010-03-05 04:07:47 utc biv here's an example of one of my features
2010-03-05 04:07:56 utc jmettraux ACTION nods
2010-03-05 04:09:13 utc biv
2010-03-05 04:09:22 utc biv but otherwise it looks very promising
2010-03-05 04:09:31 utc jmettraux ok
2010-03-05 04:09:41 utc jmettraux so I should work up the level
2010-03-05 04:09:44 utc biv the hard part about ruote is that there is a lot of terminology which people find hard to adopt straight away
2010-03-05 04:09:50 utc biv yeh, let me give you an example
2010-03-05 04:10:02 utc biv for flow.feature
2010-03-05 04:10:32 utc biv Scenario: my ruote process should translate a document from Japanese to Spanish
2010-03-05 04:10:46 utc biv Given I have a document in English
2010-03-05 04:10:56 utc biv And the initial fields are "customer":"Alain"
2010-03-05 04:11:11 utc biv When the process is submitted
2010-03-05 04:11:27 utc biv Then there should be no errors
2010-03-05 04:11:31 utc biv (or something like that)
2010-03-05 04:11:41 utc biv where the feature abstracts from the library running everything below
2010-03-05 04:11:51 utc biv Then the document should be in English
2010-03-05 04:11:52 utc biv :)
2010-03-05 04:12:01 utc biv er.. you know.. from Japanese to Spanish
2010-03-05 04:12:07 utc jmettraux :)
2010-03-05 04:12:49 utc jmettraux OK, that's great feedback, thanks !
2010-03-05 04:13:43 utc biv no worries
2010-03-05 04:13:53 utc biv no need to comment on your code, I know it's probably much better than my own :)
2010-03-05 04:14:08 utc jmettraux oh, thanks
2010-03-05 04:15:33 utc biv if you get this polished let me know and I'll use it for ruote in my project
2010-03-05 04:15:48 utc jmettraux I will fire an email to the mailing list for further comments, once it's polished
2010-03-05 04:15:49 utc jmettraux OK
2010-03-05 04:16:21 utc jmettraux how is the project going ?
2010-03-05 04:16:25 utc biv we use a lot of cucumber, and I'd really like to test our ruote work using it
2010-03-05 04:16:46 utc biv it's coming along. It's for a large org. - the Australian National University Supercomputer Facility - so there's a lot of red tape
2010-03-05 04:17:02 utc biv we should have been finished ages ago, but there are big hold ups on approval processes and security
2010-03-05 04:17:10 utc biv hopefully it will be public in two months or so
2010-03-05 04:17:27 utc jmettraux great
2010-03-05 04:17:30 utc biv btw, I'm going to RubyConf in India on March 19th, if you want to come along :)
2010-03-05 04:18:06 utc jmettraux I've seen your investigations, I'm tempted, but my finances are not that good
2010-03-05 04:18:36 utc jmettraux I'd love to go to the Taiwan one
2010-03-05 04:19:05 utc biv ACTION nods
2010-03-05 04:19:30 utc biv Yes, that's a good option for you
2010-03-05 04:19:41 utc biv brb
2010-03-05 04:23:49 utc biv back
2010-03-05 04:44:00 utc jmettraux thanks for the connection !
2010-03-05 04:44:13 utc biv no worries
2010-03-05 08:18:16 utc jmettraux ruote-cukes is out :